Welcome to my Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded sprite rips site. Here you'll find downloads to sprites ripped for each character and other miscellaneous things that are related to Guilty Gear XX: #Reloaded. These rips are in high quality, because they were ripped directly from the game source. Please do not direct link these sprites because I will get in trouble and will eventually have to close this site.

If you are going to download these sprites and host them elsewhere please remember to give credit to who hosted them.

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Have you had problems trying to find artwork from Guilty Gear XX Reloaded? Well if so here is all the in game artwork that you could ever want, taken from the endings from each mode of play.

- Arcade Mode Endings Artwork pack
- Mission Mode Artwork pack
- Story Mode Endings Artwork pack

Character Costumes _

Here are the character sprite images and other character related graphics for download. Each pack contains all of the characters sprites in the characters default costume color. The "Alternate Costume Colors" pack includes one copy of the default (neutral) sprite for each of the characters alternate colors (12 costume colors per character).

Default Costume Color Sprite packs :
- Anji
- Axl
- Baiken
- Bridget
- Chipp
- Dizzy
- Eddie
- Faust
- I-No
- Boss I-No's Megalomania attack.
- Jam
- Johnny
- Justice
- Kliff
- Ky
- May
- Millia
- Potemkin
- Robo-Ky
- Slayer
- Sol
- Testament
- Venom
- Zappa

- Alternate Costume Colors pack


Here are some random things from Guilty Gear XX reloaded.

- Miscellaneous Artwork pack

- Shell Artwork pack Version 2

- Misc. Character Portraits V2 (April, Raven, "That man", Necro, and "possessed" Zappa)


Here is the rip to all the GGXXR stages. They have been seprated to sections because of the in-game parallaxing. You can merge all sections together in photoshop or a program simmilar to it.

- Backgrounds Artwork pack


This is the program that allows you to hack into the Pc version of Guilty Gear XXR. This is all thanks to Blip.


Guilty Gear XX #Reload Sprite Ripper

Installation: ------------

1. Copy the files from the bin folder to the GGXX#R main folder (where ggxx.exe is).
- ggxx_patcher.exe
- ggxx_ripper_ui.exe
- d3_8.dll
- ddproxy.ini
2. Run ggxx_patcher.exe from the command-line. If all goes well, you will see a success message, and ggxx_sprite_ripper.exe will be written.
3. Edit the file "d3dproxy.ini" using your favorite text editor. Modify the "DebugOutputLogfile" and "OutputDirectory" values to your liking. Optionally turn on debug output, but be warned that this generates a lot of data! Save the .ini and exit.
*NOTE*: The directories specified in the .ini must exist before you run the modified .exe, or else nothing will be output.
4. Run config.exe and choose windowed mode. Also, make sure your desktop is set to a True-Color (32-bit) mode, just to be safe.
5. Run ggxx_sprite_ripper.exe (the modified game executable), then run ggxx_ripper_ui.exe.
6. If all goes well, the ripper ui will say "Status: Ready". You can now mess around with the layers and begin ripping textures and frames straight from the game.

Usage notes:
Textures and frames are output to .png files in the OutputDirectory folder specified in the .ini file. Textures are given names starting with "t". Frames go to the same folder, and are given names beginning with "f".

Use the asterisk buttons next to the Min Layer and Max Layer edit fields to choose pre-defined "good" settings which will filter out everything except player one from the screen.

*NOTE*: The .png files are overwritten each time you run the modified .exe, so you should copy the ones that you want to keep into another folder after each session.
*NOTE*: The directories specified in the .ini must exist before you run the modified .exe, or else nothing will be output.
*NOTE*: It's probably best to run in windowed mode, using a 32-bit desktop depth.

Building from source: --------------------

1. What you will need:
- Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
- Microsoft SDK (with DirectX 8.0 or higher)
2. Open the ggxx_sprite_ripper.dsw workspace.
3. Edit project settings for the d3dproxy project. Under the Release configuration go to the Post-Build tab and modify the paths in the commands you find there.
4. Rebuild All using Batch Build.
5. Follow the steps above to install/configure the sprite ripper.

The Hack (Version 4) :
Main: ggxxr_sprite_ripper.rar
Mirror: ggxxr_sprite_ripper.rar

#Special Thanks

Here I would like to thank people amd sites for their contribution towards this site. Firstly I would like to thank my host for hosting my site.

I would like to also like to thank the creator of the FT Kolari font because it was used in this site.

I would like to also thank Adex from Child of Wind for creating this site for me.

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XenoBlip Hi.

Update 06/12/06: Added "shell_artwork_complete_v2" pack, which is an upgrade to the old "shell_artwork_complete" pack. Version 2 of this pack includes 680 miscellaneous sprites taken from the game.

Update 06/12/06: Added April to the "misc character portraits" pack. Thanks to Dominic-Jo for e-mailing to inform me that she was missing from the pack.

Added new links to other gaming related sites. Please visit our affiliates.
New Challenger - Combo Video's
GoForBroke - Child of Wind

New Layout Complete: This is the trendy new layout created by Adex from Megalomania

Update: Added Boss I-No's Megalomania attack.

The Sprite Ripper was created by Blip for the PC version of Guilty Gear XX #Reload only. Instructions on how to use the hack are included with the rar file.

Note : Version 2 packs include hit frames, introductions, win poses, and various other missing frames that were missing from previous sprite packs.

The packs may be missing various frames (but, probably are not). If you notice something missing, E-mail us and we'll update the pack(s). Thank you.

If you want alternate colors for any of the sprites, create a palette using the "alternate colors" pack in an image editor, and use that palette to swap the colors of an existing sprite. It's very simple and doesn't take very long to convert multiple frames. I recommend using Paint Shop Pro

The hack was created by Blip, and works for the PC version of GGXX#R. If you need to contact Blip, send me an E-mail . Version 4 allows you to extract sprite data, disable graphics/layers, capture frame-by-frame screens shots, extract sprite alpha, rip video recordings, and fixes a minor memory leak that occured in previous versions. Version 4 is most likely the final version of the hack, however, the source code was included in the rar. If you want an update/fix to the hack, please do it yourself. Thank you.

The Hack Thanks The Hack Thanks Thanks