The Most_Mysterious 13th M.U.G.E.N anniversary page!

The following characters were re-released mostly as they were the last time they were officially on-line with only minor gameplay and compatibility tweaks, the caveman coding and unrefined (compared to the modern standards) gameplay is mostly intact. Click on the head of the character you'd want to download.

Moorhuhn Dink Smallwood Franko Dooby Dummy Kung Fu Fiunn Rox Howard Clones

Kung Fu Bender is absent because I didn't have a copy of him in time, maybe he would get re-released in the future.
Omega Tiger Woods and Evil Kung Fu Man are not present because they are already in the main Logical Bends page.
Alex is not present either because, well,
just get GM's version if you really want him. Perhaps I would do an Alex that would stand out from the other Mugen conversions in a way by taking some cues from Street Fighter V but I don't have it on Steam yet, so.... yeah..

(Incomplete) Changelist: